Shameful Politics of the Thackerays

Today’s post is on shameful politics played by Thackeray Family and Shiv Sena in Western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Whether it is Bal, Raj or Uddhav, all Thackerays follow same politics of hate. After a gap, they have yet again turned their venomous tongues against North Indians residing in Mumbai and Maharashtra. They are even talking about issuing “permits” for North Indians to enter and live in Maharashtra. It shows nothing but hatred, ignorance in Indian constitution and selfish political views of the Thackerays.

In 70s and 80s the senior Thackeray instigated hate politics against South Indian’s in Maharashtra; particularly in Mumbai. Unfortunately this incorrect concept of “sons of the soil” had some effect on some of the innocent Maharashtrians. Based on this concept, Shiv Sena could make some political gains too during those times.

What is Sons of the Soil concept? In simple terms it means demanding incorrect advantages and benefits on a particular geographical area, purely based on argument that the person who demands was born on that particular place.

This concept has now turned against the Thackerays themselves! Congress leader Digvijay Singh has unearthed a book written by none other than Bal Thackeray’s father Prabhodhankar Thackeray – in which it is written that the forefathers of Thackerays have moved from Bihar (!), via Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and ultimately settled in Pune! If this is true, the first “resident permit” should be awarded to the Thackerays!

One can fool some of the people all time, and all the people some time; but no one can fool everyone all the time. It seems the Thackerays have not heard this saying. In current times of advanced political knowledge and improved educational standards, the Shiv Sena and Thackerays could not fool the Maharashtrains with Sons of the Soil mantra. If the world adopts the “sons of the soil” concept, what will happen to lakhs and lakhs of Maharashtrians who work in different parts of the world? Are they supposed to leave their jobs, houses and universities and head back to Maharashtra?

Few humble words to the Thackerays:

  • Even though from same family, you three cannot see each other; you’ve divided your party and followers. If you cannot stand together under the same flag, how do you dream of “uniting” Maharashtraians against their brothers from other parts of India?
  • Maharashtra is not a separate country; it is an integral part of The Republic of India.
  • Republic of India promises any Indian citizen the right to live in any part of India. This is a fundamental right and no one needs a permit from the Thackerays. If they demand for a permit for Biharians to live in Maharashtra, then Thackerays are against Indian constitution, and hence, committing a punishable crime. In simple words these are the words of criminals, not of leaders of political parties.
  • The same way Indian citizens from Maharashtra do not need any permit to work in any part of India, Indian citizens from other parts of India do not need Thackeray’s permit to work in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

The days are not far when the highly educated citizens from Maharashtra will throw away this nasty politics. Let us hope the supporters of Shiv Sena realise soon that political ideology is not only dirty, but also against the Federal status and unity of India.