Congratulations to Lonmin miners on their strike victory!

Congratulations to Lonmin miners on their strike victory!

Reuters have reported of a proposed 22% pay rise in the agreement; this news is yet to be confirmed by all parties concerned.  If declared, it could be the culmination of weeks of strikes in Lonmin and some of the other SA mines.

Per South African Government officials, the disruption cost the industry in $548m in lost output.  $548m in few weeks!  It is very clear from this figure, how much profit is made by the mining companies; yet they allowed the strike to carry on for weeks – denying decent wage for workers who spent long hours – days and nights – deep underground to support their families.

Not only for the delay in agreeing the pay rise, Lonmin and SA Government are also indirectly responsible for the murder of 34 miners in Marikana Massacre, which could have been avoided, had this pay rise proposal were considered much earlier.

While miners could rejoice in their victory, the strike is a stark reminder for workers all over the world that they have to through fights, strikes, hardship and martyrdoms in order to receive their just rights.