To my friends in The USA


I am currently in Helsinki and watched this programme today on Finnish main TV channel, YLE TV1 – during prime time.

[Please Note:  The YLE TV1 URL no longer works; original video is available at this URL –>]

If you have an interest in current world politics and the Middle-East crisis, I urge you to watch this video; completely.

Even if you don’t care for politics, please watch the video – for yourself.

Believe me, it is an eye-opener.

Not sure whether you ever get to see this perspective, through the eyes of rest of the world.

Timing is apt too.

By end of this year, you will – collectively, consciously – decide the political face and fate of USA; at least for next few years.

The question is: is there a real alternative?

A strong, un-biased leadership, who care for a nation that is helpless and oppressed for generations?

I sincerely hope so.  Because, while writing above line, I was not thinking only about the Palestinians.

I was also thinking of oppression of generations in another great nation.

Deliberately, methodically, oppressed from having freedom of knowledge, and a free mind.

Here is the programme from Finnish TV:

As I said earlier, believe me – it is an eye-opener.

Please Note:  The YLE TV1 URL no longer works. The original video is available at this URL –>




Congratulations, Palestine!


Hearty congratulations to Palestine and its people for their non-member observer state status in UN.  It is not much an envious status to rejoice in an ordinary situation; but this vote was for Palestine – a land where its people are living under oppression, severe sanctions and constant bombing from its bully neighbour.  139 countries voted in favour of Palestine; it is indeed an occasion to celebrate for Palestine’s citizens.

This recognition by UN and its member countries is a small but strong first step towards official recognition for a Palestine nation.  It is also a big blow from rest of the world to Israel and its arms supplier ally, US.

While 139 countries voted in favour of truth and justice, 7 shamelessly voted alongside US and Israel.  It is an utter disgrace and shameful act that UK decided to join this very minority of nations who voted against Palestine and its legitimate rights to be an independent country.

Has US and Israel learned anything from this humiliating defeat?  No, Sir.  Instead of feeling humble and having second thoughts, both have come out with fresh threats!  US warned to cut financial aid to Palestine.  Israel went one step ahead and declared that “by going to the UN, Palestinians have violated (!) the agreements with Israel and Israel will act accordingly“.

It is significant that this voting happened exactly on the very same day when Palestine was divided into two, 65 years ago.  Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas told to UN assembly of this “issue of birth certificate of the reality of the State of Palestine”.  I sincerely hope so.

The news took me back to memories of college days.  Many years ago, there were few Palestine students in our college.  We used to make fun of girls who were fascinated by these guys from a foreign land: “Don’t fall in love with them! They have no place to take you back!!”  While it was silly and cruel but innocent joke at that time, I now fully realise the pain and sorrow those Palestine students might have gone through.

One should not forget that this small piece of land is under constant attack and aggression from Israel.  Recent attacks, only a few days ago, were happening in the background of

  • Benjamin Netanyahu facing next general election in January (to show his “power” and gain few extra votes?!)
  • Today’s UN voting on resolution to upgrade Palestine’s status in UN

As all know, today’s Middle-East equation is completely different from that of yesterday.  Israel’s Egyptian “friend” Hosni Mubarak was thrown out of power early last year.  Instead, the new President Mohamed Morsi Gaza recalled Egypt’s ambassador from Israel, handed protest letter to Israel’s ambassador in Egypt and even sent his Prime Minister Hisham Qandil to Gaza to re-affirm Egypt’s support to Palestine and its struggle.  Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Rafik Abdesslem  too visited Gaza after the last attack.

Both these early adaptors of Arab Spring had wasted no time in endorsing their support to Palestine and its struggle for freedom.  Not only Egypt and Tunisia, but Turkey, Qatar and Iran back Palestine.  It was in fact the missiles apparently given by Iran that targeted Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in retaliation.  All in all, Middle-East is not what it was few years ago, and Israel’s aggression on Palestine will not go unnoticed.

While Palestine could look up to above mentioned nascent Democratic countries, they don’t have enough military, financial or commercial strength to stand up to a bullying Israel.  On other side, it is incredibly tragic that UN and rest of the world are yet to tame Israel and stop its aggression on Palestinians.

I don’t know where the Palestinian students from my college are now; but I am sure of one thing – wherever in the world, they would be celebrating this Nov 29th.

Congrats once again, Palestine!