Maternal instinct and NHS

An unnamed woman from Nigeria is reported to have flown in to UK exclusively to give birth under NHS. It is reported that she had received treatment of the order of £10,000 and returned home without paying anything.

Strange story with a number of unbelievable facts – fully pregnant woman being granted visa, allowed to fly, NHS admitting her to hospital without any GP history etc.

Apart from above, a number of other social / political / economical questions as well rise in mind. Surely the mother is rich enough to fly from Nigeria to UK? If she had money to fly in from Nigeria, surely that money could provide her a very good service at any Nigerian hospital? Who paid £10,000, the tax payer? Shouldn’t UK ask Nigeria to pay the bill? Which country will provide the birth certificate?

May be it is the effect of an extended weekend, that I somehow see a soft side of this story? Story of maternal instincts telling a young mother – who is ready to take risks of getting arrested / send-back / possible prison in a foreign country – to give birth to her baby at a safe place.

Let us for a minute close eyes, forget uneasy questions and forgive the new mother. Let us for a change look in to the happy fact that UK NHS is still considered the best by women to give a safe birth to their babies.