Attack on US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya

American ambassador to Libya, J Christopher Stevens, along with three other Americans have been killed in violent attack on US consulate at Benghazi, Libya. Media reported use of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades during the attack. Attackers also burned down the consulate building almost completely.

It is a deeply regrettable act and I join the world in condemning this attack by religious extremists.

Not only in Libya, but the US consulate in Egypt too came under attack. It is grave that Egypt’s Islamist / Muslim Brotherhood supporter President has not yet condemned the attack happened in front of Cairo US embassy.

The root cause for attack was a cheap video (which insults Prophet Mohammed) created by a racist (Christian / Jewish?) fundamentalist in USA. Mere fact that the video was made in US does not mean Christopher Stevens agreed to its contents; yet it was him and his three colleagues who paid by their lives for this despicable video. It is ironic it was the same Christopher Stevens who supported and assisted Benghazi rebels in their fight against Gaddafi – the turning point in Libyan rebel movement, which ultimately resulted in end of Gaddafi era.

That said, it is very clear that yet another long head-ache has started for USA – a headache US indirectly allowed to happen in first place. It is not Gaddafi nor his loyalists, but religious fundamentalists – whom USA blessed and supported in their attack on Gaddafi, whom USA encouraged by providing guns and rockets – have committed this attack on US consulate.

Who has gained by pulling down the autocratic – but secular – regimes in Libya and Egypt? Who are the ultimate winners of Arab Spring? If you look deep, you could see that it is a clear gain for the religious extremists in Middle East. Egypt now has a Muslim Brotherhood supporter as its President. Libya has no control over law and order; extremists are let free on streets with latest war machines to terrorise the public.

Ordinary people of Egypt and Libya have not gained by the change in power. Not only they have not gained, they have much to lose.

Why so? Because we have seen what had happened in Afghanistan. When Najibullah Government was violently annihilated by Taliban, the Afghan citizens lost more than what they gained. It is now a historical fact that Taliban terrorized the nation, eliminated whoever stood against them and their extremist views, stopped education – and even medical care – for women.

Which country made the weapons that were used to attack the US consulate in Libya? Who provided these weapons to the extremists? Why did US keep quiet when the very same extremists brandished these weapons during war-cry for Gaddafi’s head? If one honestly answers these questions, we could see the selfish motive of US – which has backfired in many forms, latest of which is the Benghazi consulate attack.

This is not a new story; let me go back to the history of Afghanistan again. Decades ago while USSR was fighting against Taliban extremists in Afghanistan, it is this very same USA who mocked USSR and indirectly supported Taliban. The very same weapons USA gifted Taliban to fight against USSR and Najibullah Government were used – and being used even now – against US and NATO forces.

I am in no way diminishing the severity of attack and death of consulate staff; nor I am siding with extremists who committed this coward act. But we should realise that this attack is the latest reminder to USA on its rubbish, ignorant foreign policy. It is high time US and its war-hungry allies (including UK) listen to rest of the world and understand world politics and respect sovereignty of other countries. Let us hope the US will learn from its mistake and give the world a better chance for peaceful existence. Till then, the US Government only have itself to blame for this brutality.


My views on Libya and Col. Gaddafi – and few questions for Sabina Guevara

I have no faith in the administrators of to publish my reply in its entirety to their comments.  [for Sabina Guevara: I also do not believe suppressing links to other websites like you do!]  I feel I should have an honest hearing; hence posting my full views here:

To start with, I declare that I have not been in Libya and not experienced in first-hand the past/present Government and its politics.  Agree that all of my comments/posts are based entirely on newspapers/media – and thanks for the links from Sabina Guevara; appreciate and happy to receive the same and will go thru in coming days…

That said, I still don’t understand where in my post/comments I “insinuate that Saif is in some way guilty of crimes if not directly at least by being born as the son of Muammar Gaddafi.”  I did not say that anywhere!  I also did not say that Saif should feel guilty for being born as the son of Col. Gaddafi.  Where did I say that?  Please don’t put words in to others mouth to make yourselves right.

All I said it my post was Saif should be given a proper trial at ICC, as SAIF HIMSELF HAS REQUESTED!  It is extra-ordinary and amusing for VivaLibya to argue with someone who is taking their side!

Let me re-iterate; I am no Gaddafi fan and I do not agree with all of his actions.  But who agrees in entirety to anyone else?  [Stephan Gowan from first link will agree with me! Stephan’s words – “’I’m not saying Gaddafi’s Libya was a model society”]

That is my understanding, and if proven otherwise I am ready to accept it and will feel happier about it.  For my belief and understanding, I do not need a certificate from Sabina Guevara that I am an imperialist, thank you very much!  Let us not insult each other but try to use better language!

I dare VivaLibya to publish my reply in its entirety – even though I know they would not do so.  Why?  Because my previous posts too were edited and some words were swallowed.

Sabina Guevara / VivaLibya, few questions for you:

  1.  Where in my post/comments I said that Saif should feel guilty for being born as the son of Col. Gaddafi.  I did not said this; show me proof where I said it.
  2. Why are you afraid of others comments, especially of those who are on your side on most of the issues?!  Why don’t you publish my entire reply which in no way insults Libya, its Government, or Gaddafi family?   Or is it because you are against an honest conversation?

English is NOT my first language, and can see words/sentences where I could be mis-represented.  Let me re-iterate:

•  I extremely value the sentiments of Libyans and understand their emotions.

•  I strongly protest / disagree with assassination of Gaddafi.  It was a barbaric act and those who did it should face trial.

•  I am not against Gaddafi, his family or a free Libya.  [I hope this is clear from my comments, but let me say it again for absolute clarity!]

•  I believe Col. Gaddafi was true and courageous man, who stood , followed and fought for what he believed – against western invaders, capitalists and hooligans.

•  I humbly stand with Libyans against the invaders and western powers which ransacked Libya.

Let me wish all the best for all who fights for a just and free Libya. I sincerely believe and am convinced that there are enough strong-willed and able souls who can hold discussions/ conversations and will bring justice for Libya and its people. I sincerely believe true Libya will rise like Phoenix from ashes.

Saif al-Islam to face trial in Libya in September

Trial of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of murdered former leader of Libya, Col. Muammar Gaddafi will start in Libya in September.   Under current Government and circumstances, it is highly unlikely that Saif al-Islam will get a decent trial.  It is almost certain that Saif al-Islam could face death penalty.  The killers of his father are now the rulers of Libya and the way Senior Gaddafi was murdered, no one should expect much justice.

Saif al-Islam has said he wants his trial to be conducted at The International Criminal Court (ICC), at The Hague.

Why the ICC and international media is so quiet on this trial?  Why there is no hue and cry on this upcoming trial?  Where are the so-called US and UK “humanitarian advocates”?

It is reported that Saif al-Islam’s lawyers quoted him as saying this month: “I am not afraid to die but if you execute me after such a trial [in Libya] you should just call it murder and be done with it.”

There is no doubt in what Saif al-Islam’s sentiments.  As said earlier, I am not a Gaddafi supporter; nor I support the mistakes and atrocities over past few decades.  But if Saif al-Islam is not given a fair trial, this murder is bound to happen in very near future.

Libya – who commits violence against civilians now?

One query on recent developments in Libya….

In last few days, Libyan crisis has done a u-turn. Cease-fire meetings targeted to avoid bloodshed in Bani Walid – area of pro-Gaddafi supporters – failed few days ago. Bani Walid is now under attack from ground and air by anti-Gaddafi National Transitional Council (NTC) and NATO.

NATO role in Libyan conflict is to honour UN Security Council resolution 1973 directive.  The resolution demands “immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians”; the resolution never agreed to attack villages.

I am not a Gaddafi supporter; as said earlier, nor I support his mistakes and atrocities over past few decades.  But, in current scenario, who is committing violence against civilians in Libya?  Is it the almost failed, re-treating army of Gaddafi or the NATO/NTC combination?

What UN Security Council has to say on this?

Libya – another country of continuous battle?

Turmoil in yet another Middle-East country has reached its mostly-expected climax.  Rebel forces with assistance from NATO have reached Tripoli, and have started establishing their authority.  While there are similarities and differences to Afghanistan and Iraq wars, let us sincerely hope Libya will not turn in to yet another country of continuous battle ground.

NATO and its members have a lot to celebrate.  What started as an “honest” action to enforce UN resolution – to “protect civilians” by establishment of “no-fly zone” – has now almost ended with their expected end-result –topple “rough” Government of a “rough” country which does not salute the so-called Western superpowers.

I am not supporting Gaddafi and his anti-democratic rule.  Nor I am supporting his so-called atrocities and mistakes over past few decades.  But who gives NATO, US, France and UK authority to take sides on a civil war?  If the UN resolution is to “protect civilians”, how can that that be achieved by bombing only the pro-Gaddafi areas of Libya?  Even if we agree that the initial protests against Gaddafi a few months ago were “peacefully” demonstrated by “civilians”, how can one justify the AK-47s and anti-tank missiles in hands of “peaceful” demonstrators?

If UK’s Cameron Government can order his police to use “full force of law” against London rioters and tuition-fee ”terrorists”, what would he have done against gun-brandishing “peaceful rebels” ?  If this Con-Dem Government can order its legal system to give 4-years jail sentence to a Facebook-rioter, how would they react to a Libyan-model civil war?  What would you expect from your country’s Government if gun-carrying mob start havoc in your home town?  What worse has Gaddafi done in Benghazi, against those heavy-weaponry carrying rebels?

All of us know that UN is too meek to ask these strong questions to US, UK or NATO.  But why are China, Russia, Japan and India silent?   Why rest of the world is feeling comfort in NATO’s explanations for bombing innocent pro-Gaddafi civilians?

Consciously committed mistake of arming Taliban of Afghanistan in 1970-80s to remove Najibullah Government has yet again been repeated by US and its Western allies – by providing arms and ammunition to Libyan rebels.  The only unknown thing is, when those guns will look for new targets.  Let us hope that it will never happen.  But history does not offer that comfort feeling…

I still look at Libya with cautious optimism – with all the hopes of an eternal optimist, but with complete knowledge that another time-bomb has been set already…..