For those who are Economically Enslaved….

In 1920s, Bukharin and Preobrazhensky said:

The proletariat is chiefly economically enslaved.

That is a very accurate statement.  What we, the common labourer/public and private employee/worker do on our day-to-day life is chiefly due to this dependency on money.  And do we get an honest return to what we offer to our employer?  Very surely we can say “No”.  Why?  Just beacuse of the fact that if a business is making a profit, that profit is nothing but the money saved from the worker’s salary.  Everything else has a fixed cost – the raw materials, the machines, the land, the software, the utilities….  These items could not be brought cheaper.  But the worker, they can!  If a business does not do well, who faces the maximum impact?  Is it the raw materials supplier?  Or is it the electric/gas supplier?  No – they will still be charged at the same rate when the business was doing good.  But the immediate impact will be on the worker – if there is no work, it is the employee who first gets the sack. .. [document in progress…..]