Norway Bombing and Shootings

My heartfelt condolences to the relatives, friends and others directly affected by Norway bombing and shooting massacre happened on 22nd July 2011 (Friday).  From latest news, at least 76 people lost their lives, in two separate attacks which targeted Norway’s Labour Party Government and supporters. 

 Apparently the lone(?) attacker, Anders Behring Breivik, had meticulously planned this in detail.  He had even uploaded videos, emails and his theory on Internet, days before the carnage.  Anders Breivik was brought in to a closed court-room session today and is now send to custody for eight weeks.

 What was the motive behind this gruesome attack?  Uploaded “Manifesto” of 1518 pages and Breivik’s post-attack comments point to his extreme right-wing ideas against Muslims and Marxists; and the straight-immediate targets being anyone supporting them – hence the Labour Party, its supporters and Government. 

 Beware that Breivik is not against just Muslim terrorists – he is against the race itself.  What else can we expect from right-wing extremists?!  If supporting the minorities and oppressed is a crime, then the communists and Marxists all over world are doing that, always, everyday.

 We will have to wait for weeks and months to clearly understand who else are behind this.  It is very hard to believe that one single person planned and executed all this by himself.  There is no doubt that Breivik is not the only person in this world with his extreme views.  Hope Norway’s investigators catch hold of all those who are responsible for this criminal act.