Whom to vote on 23rd May EU Elections?

Whom should we vote on 23rd May for the EU parliament election?

Before answering that question, let’s ask ourselves another question.

Why are we facing an EU election in the first place?


The answer is simple.

Purely because the Tory Government failed to reach a Brexit deal.

As in all other aspects of governing, Mrs. May’s government completely messed up the Brexit negotiations as well.

Had a deal been done, we should’ve been out of the EU by now, and out of the EU elections too.

That single reason is good enough not to vote for the Tories.

By the way, they even failed to publish an election manifesto for EU election in their official website.


Let us focus on the original Brexiters, the UKIP.

The numbers are so small that they do not even mind fielding candidates who use derogatory statements and are banned by cathedral from election hustings.

Existing few appears have not yet heard of Nigel Farage forging a new party.

Which brings us to The Brexit Party.


Like Tories, the Brexit Party too do not have a manifesto.

Farage says the manifesto will appear after the elections!

That’s one approach Theresa May could learn;  post-election, there’s nothing to do, as nothing was offered in the first place!

Farage’s devotees swear that his party stands for Brexit per WTO terms; aka “no-deal-Brexit”.

The phrase “no-deal-Brexit” is self-contradictory.

Farage himself failed to name one-single country operating on WTO terms.

Even if we opt for no-deal, the very next day we need to start negotiations to deal trade and other matters with EU and rest of the world; back to square one.

Other than this impossible, devestating “no-deal” scenario, the Brexit Party have NO other policies.

To make matters worse, a win for Brexit Party will only make the Tories and their Farage sympathizing hardliners move further towards the no-deal scenario.


Who else?

There is no point in considering the Liberal Democrats, SNP, Greens and the Change UK.

All of them stand for Remain; an option the UK already voted against in July 2016 referendum.


Now what?

It’s like solving a multiple-choice-question, where we know that above options are not correct.

The other option is Labour.

Do they deserve your vote?

Let’s examine:

  1. Corbyn clearly articulated in the Andrew Marr Show that “every other party in this EU election is appealing to either one side or other; defining everybody as on 2016”. Instead, Labour understands that the real divide in our country is not between those who voted Leave and Remain three years ago.    Labour define us “as people who have common problems, however they voted.  The levels of poverty in remain and leave areas are very similar; we have to be responsible about this, and appeal to people across those views.
  2. In its European Manifesto, Labour has put forward an alternative plan to seek a close and cooperative relationship with the European Union, including a new comprehensive customs union with a UK say, close single market alignment, guaranteed rights and standards, and the protection of the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland.
  3. Labour’s negotiations have even forced Theresa May to recognise and address crucial issues like rights and protections for workers environment and security which did not matter much to the PM earlier.
  4. Labour’s manifesto promises to continue to oppose the Government’s bad deal or a disastrous no deal. And if they cannot get agreement along the lines of their alternative plan, or a general election, Labour backs the option of a public vote.

It is very clear whom we should vote for, in this EU election.

A vote for Tories is just to prolong this agony of indecision and infighting.

A vote for the Brexit Party is only to push this government towards a disastrous no-deal.

A vote for LibDems, SNP or Greens is for an already lost argument.

Vote Labour, to:

  • Improve people’s lives.
  • Deliver rights at work and to protect our environment.
  • Co-operate closely with progressive allies in Europe and across the world.

Your vote matters!

Ensure to vote Labour candidates this Thursday!!






Brexit – What next?


The UK Parliament has rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal by 432 votes to 202.

The largest, catastrophic, humiliating defeat for any sitting Government in history.

Remember, the PM was concentrating only on the Brexit deal for last 2½ years.

She ignored schools, public sectors, railways and all other aspects of governing a country.

Yet, the PM miserably failed in securing confidence for her deal.

How out of touch a PM and Government can be?!

This defeat is also an indirect defeat for the unelected EU bureaucrats.


What next?

This deadlock could be removed only by a General Election.


Clearly, this PM has lost the confidence of the UK Parliament and the country.

Remember, 117 MPs from her own Conservative Party voted no-confidence in her leadership only a month ago.

Today 118 Conservative MPs voted with the opposition against her deal.

With these defeats any self-respecting PM would’ve already resigned.

But not Theresa May!

the PM still prefers to cling on to her seat, propped by 10 DUP MPs – all of whom too voted against her.

How many more chance should we give this PM at this crucial time?

How many more iterations should we give this PM to re-negotiate and repeatedly voted down in the Parliament?


A General Election will give the public to have their say – to vote-in a Government they trust.

It will bring in a new parliament, a new Government.

That Government, with the voter’s support, will have the mandate to re-negotiate with the EU.

That is the only political and democratic solution to this deadlock.

What are your thoughts?