To my friends in The USA


I am currently in Helsinki and watched this programme today on Finnish main TV channel, YLE TV1 – during prime time.

[Please Note:  The YLE TV1 URL no longer works; original video is available at this URL –>]

If you have an interest in current world politics and the Middle-East crisis, I urge you to watch this video; completely.

Even if you don’t care for politics, please watch the video – for yourself.

Believe me, it is an eye-opener.

Not sure whether you ever get to see this perspective, through the eyes of rest of the world.

Timing is apt too.

By end of this year, you will – collectively, consciously – decide the political face and fate of USA; at least for next few years.

The question is: is there a real alternative?

A strong, un-biased leadership, who care for a nation that is helpless and oppressed for generations?

I sincerely hope so.  Because, while writing above line, I was not thinking only about the Palestinians.

I was also thinking of oppression of generations in another great nation.

Deliberately, methodically, oppressed from having freedom of knowledge, and a free mind.

Here is the programme from Finnish TV:

As I said earlier, believe me – it is an eye-opener.

Please Note:  The YLE TV1 URL no longer works. The original video is available at this URL –>




Can Obama do it?

20 kids and 7 adults more to the gun-victim tally has prompted the US President to think hard towards reinstating an assault weapons ban which ended years ago in 2004.  Good to know; but why has it come out from his spokesman, Jay Carney, and not directly from the President himself?

Mr Carney said the president is “actively supportive” of a senator’s plan to introduce a bill on this regard.  It is for sure that the bill will be challenged at great lengths – both by the weapon manufactures themselves, and their lobby-groups inside the Congress.

It is only a few months ago when UK lost two unarmed young female police officers – Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone – to gun crime in Greater Manchester.  Even through there were demands to arm police on streets, UK police force and Government decided that public will feel alienated by gun-carrying police officers.  They concluded that an unarmed police officer will be more welcomed and felt approachable by the public.

Compare this stand by UK Police with the current guns situation in US!

If I remember correctly, it was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who said below words yesterday:

Gun violence takes the lives of 34 Americans every single day. That means that during President Obama’s next four-year term, some 48,000 Americans will be killed with guns. That’s roughly the number of Americans that died in the Vietnam War.

Shocking statistics, indeed.  Let us hope the new Congress will work together and achieve success in controlling the gun violence in US.  The times and recent incidents demand the same.

The Danger Americans (and world) walking in to…

A secret video clip on Mitt Romney shows him uttering “Palestinians are committed to Israel’s destruction”.  Del boy’s quotes came in to my mind – “What a plonker!”

How the Republicans selected this guy as their Presidential candidate?  Not only is he ignorant of history and politics of world/Middle-East, this man is mouthing gibberish which a local political candidate dare not make.

A few insensitive/foolish words could cause havoc in day-to-day life of ordinary people.  What happens if President of the powerful country in the world utters nonsense?  Result in one simple word is – disaster.

Hope highly educated US voters will realise the danger they are walking in to, if they elect this politically suicidal candidate.  If elected, Romney will not only waste 5 years of US presidentship, but also will be a disaster for world politics and international diplomacy.  For once, the future of world politics is truly in hands of US voters!

How desperate can one be, to secure few votes?!

Mitt Romney has thrown in the ever-favourite subject for an aspiring Republican candidate – hints of war against yet another sovereign nation, Iran.

Protest against the attack on Libya in front of the U.S embassy in Tel-Aviv (7.4.2011). Photo from the website of The Israeli Communist Forum (

Romney, while in UK few days ago, has earned the displeasure of UK newspapers, politicians and common public. Media, public, politicians and common man all hate the same person! A nice achievement, which not so many can aspire for – that too within 24 hours of arrival!

Romneyshambles is still making waves in UK newspapers, radio/TV media and social-sites. Hence he had to do the “right” thing to canvass those voters back in USA who might still be unsure whom to vote for.

What were Romney’s words at Israel? He said that his country has a “moral imperative” to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

US has “moral imperative” to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons!  Let us ask Mr. Romney few simple, straight-forward questions here:

  • Were in this whole world was the first nuclear weapon designed?
  • Which country made the first nuclear weapon?
  • Who used it first against another nation, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people?
  • Who still has the largest collection of nuclear weapons?

Answer to all of above questions is – US of A!

Each of the crimes attributed against Iran on nuclear front – design, development and “possible” deployment of nuclear arms – was first committed by none other than USA. The same country, for whom Romney says “has the moral imperative” to stop Iran!

Not only above, Mr Romney in his speech also referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, something the current US administration and most of the international community do not do, given the sensitivity of the issue.

Is Mr. Romney a fool or ignorant at that low-level?  Of course, not!  He has two not-so-hidden agenda:

  • Ensure that the US weapons lobby have no doubt they have the “right” presidential candidate for election run.
  • Secure votes of rich Israeli power groups and guarantee their full-fledged support (financial including).

Let us go back to Iran. What is Iran’s crime? That they want to go ahead with their nuclear programme? Is nuclear programme a privilege available only to the developed, western countries? Iran has already confirmed several times that their nuclear programmes are only for peaceful operations in the country. They even welcomed UN to inspect their nuclear sites.

Even if we agree for argument sake that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, what is so “never-ever-before” henious approach in that motive?  Is this item only in agenda of Iran?  How many other countries already have nuclear weapons in their kitty?

Have no doubt. I do not support nuclear weapons. My strong viewpoint is that the world should get rid of all of its nuclear weapons.

But it should be done in a phased manner, with the country with largest collection shedding them first. And not by threatening other nations. […to be continued…]