Padmaavat – why the controversy?


I watched Padmaavat yesterday.

Nice direction, great camera & lighting and fantastic action by Ranveer Singh. Deepika and Shahid Kapoor too did not disappoint.

At no scene, the Rajput dynasty and its subjects were shown in a bad light; instead the movie reinforces the courage, might, values and wealth of Rajputs.

It also clearly portrayed the vicious, cruel, and deceiving nature of Alauddin Khilji. Other than Khilji’s queen, I couldn’t see a single person on Khilji side shown in a positive light.

So what is Karni sena protesting for? In what way the history is distorted in this movie – even though the movie makers never claim it to be an factual representation of history?

I too in school days have read and heard about the Muslim emperor who was fascinated by the Rajput queen after seeing her reflection in a mirror.

Bansali being Bansali, and Ranveer being a bit overacting hero, this obsession became a prominent part of the movie. I also felt the movie ended a bit abruptly. Other than these two glitches, I enjoyed the movie.

I do not agree with rituals similar to Jauhar or Sati.

That said, to give benefit of doubt to Bansali, the movie did show the Rajput women unsuccessfully attempting to stop the enemy by throwing fire.

After several months (Diwali to Holi and more) of blockade, war and the men using all available weapons to fight the Khilji’s might army, I can empathize with the decision of the Rajput women to self-immolise themselves.

It should not have happened, and again, I am not supporting Jauhar, but Jauhar might have been the last resort for the women of a proud dynasty of a long gone era – to not allow their enemies to touch them, or even see them, even after they are dead.

To those who are against Padmaavat: please watch the movie once; you might re-consider your criticisms.


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