Article 50 and Labour Viewpoint


As Article 50 bill is getting ready, media is again highlighting conflicts within Labour.

I think these discussions are vital signs of an active party with supporters from all walks of life.

Internal Labour discussions are not much different from a REMAIN voted (then MP) PM presenting the Article 50 bill.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both supported REMAIN, but the country voted otherwise.

Being respectful of that decision, both leaders are asking their respective MPs to pass Article 50 bill so that the negotiations with EU and rest of the world could commence.

This being the case, why single out the internal difference within Labour?

The referendum was not discussed and voted based on party affiliations.  Instead, supporters from all parties (except UKIP of course) were intensively divided to support both sides of the argument.

One of the sides won.

Now leaders of both major parties are asking their MPs to vote to support invoking Article 50.

I do not see anything wrong with it.

If Tulip Siddiq cannot understand that democratic process, it is better for her to resign.

2 thoughts on “Article 50 and Labour Viewpoint

  1. Tulip Siddiq’s constituency, Hampstead and Kilburn, is the 3rd strongest ‘Remain’ area in the country. You claim that rebelling against Corbyn makes her undemocratic, and yet you advocate that she ignores the constituency which voted her into parliament to represent its views.

    1. Laeknishendr, agree with you on Remain result from Tulip Siddiq’s constituency. As mentioned by one of my friends, the only option in front of Ms.Siddiq might be to resign and vote against Article 50 bill – so that she can – at same time – respect her constituency’s Brexit verdict, while putting least pressure on her leader, not to sack her. This also highlights the conflicts between local vs. national politics. On one hand Ms. Siddiq is respecting her constituents verdict, while Corbyn is respecting the country’s as a whole.

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