Is MP seat just another job?

careerStoke-on-Trent Labour MP Tristram Hunt has decided to quit his position to be the Director of V&A Museum.  A very nice career move – just look at the salary hike!  From £74,962 to a package worth at least £225,000-£230,000!

Well done, Director Hunt!

Apart from a hike in salary, I have also heard about other “positive” reasons, including “his parliamentary seat is about to be abolished, so Hunt will become jobless”.   Another one that the directorship of V&A is once-in-a-lifetime dream opportunity; why should someone not take it?

I agree, valid points from his personal view point.

But is an MP seat just a personal career position?  Is it just another job, a stepping-stone for one’s personal growth?  What about an MP’s commitments to his constituency and thousands of people who voted and elected her/him as their MP?

Let us take each of the viewpoints that are raised in support for Hunt.

His parliamentary seat is “about to be abolished” – not already abolished.  If one is in politics for the love of it, and was elected as an MP, they will continue the job they were elected for – till the time the post exists. That is what is least expected from an MP. Leaving a job half-done and running for another one – whether it is for publicity or money – is not what is expected from a politician.

Those who support Hunt’s personal growth are ignoring his constituency, its voters, the party he represented and the constraints Hunt put on the party due to his personal ambitions.

If one do not have commitment to their party and voters, then they should not take the pain to represent a constituency.

It is this “me-before-party” attitude that created current tension within Labour – and between Labour and its supporters.

From another angle, I feel it is better for Labour that those who destroyed its core values are getting out after all – along with their WMDs.  It is good that they are deserting, leaving Labour to its rightful owners.  It might take some time for Labour to make it ship-shape, but it’s worth the time.

Who knows how quickly Director Hunt will leave V&A for another lucrative position?

Let’s wait for the Linkedin update.


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