Is PLP Larger than Labour?

Jeremy Corbyn

It’s a shame what is happening within Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

Not only it is shameless, but undemocratic, unrealistic and visibly out of touch of grass-root Labour too.

From when has it become more important for the Labour MPs to be in Parliament than working with its members?

From when has an MP seat become more important than inner-party democracy?

For the Labour MPs who are so disconnected from the party roots and common public, there is only one solution for all issues:  Corbyn’s resignation.

These MPs should remember one thing – Corbyn was elected as the leader of the party by a very large mandate – by a mandate not seen in the recent history of Labour.

A leadership contest is not in question at all, at this point in time.

There were no issues that have raised questions on Corbyn’s leadership in last weeks.  BREXIT vote should not be treated as a no-confidence on Corbyn.  BREXIT was debated and chosen by people from all wakes of lives.  Each political party had vicious conflicts and deep divisions within their own ranks.  Hence blaming Corbyn for a Leave vote by the country is not justifiable.

I take my own example.

I voted to leave EU.  That said, I am aligned with what Corbyn is standing for, for Labour party.

A LEAVE vote was the need of the times, and the country agreed on it.  While I and many others respectfully disagreed with Labour’s official stand on EU referendum and voted for leave, it was not a no-confidence on Corbyn.

Labour had wasted the opportunity to support BREXIT.  Now it should start the damage control as quickly as possible; otherwise vast majority of the working class will sleepwalk in to support racism and nationality- based violence.  Instead of blaming Tories and their austerity measures which generated current plights, working class of this country will blame their comrades from other countries.

Events at NewCastle, Romsford and East London are indications to a dangerous future.  A very dangerous future, where racism and nationalism will brainwash people in to thinking that it is colour of skin that cause their current troubles.

This is the ugliest divide and rule, carefully crafted to divide the working class based on the race and nationality and make them fight with each other.

Labour should not let this happen.

Coming back to PLP and its disgraceful stance.

MP’s do not choose the leader of the Labour Party; instead, the party does.

MPs are first Party members, and then MPs.

If there is a need for change in Labour leadership, it should come up from within party.  Parliament is not a place to play dirty politics.

If the PLP decides to go ahead with their own, selfish, seat-saving tactics, that seat will be safe only till next general election – which is bound to happen in coming months.

Corbyn is not just a person, but a representation of the left ideologies that is prominent in the Labour party.

BREXIT made it clear that the traditional Labour heartlands are not happy with the elite Labour MPs who are miles away from what the common public is looking for. At this juncture, a seat-greedy leader is only going to handover the party membership directly to Nigel Faragae’s UKIP or BNP on English Defence League.

Only a Labour leader who stands firmly on left of Labour politics could:

  • Pacify and keep the Labour members firmly within the party.
  • Unite the BREXIT-voted ordinary worker – and general public – who are fed up with the current capitalistic ideas unashamedly carried out by the Tories.

At this critical juncture of EU-vote-shocked country, Corbyn is the only leader who could unite Labour Party.

Next steps:

  1. Fight against the unnecessary leadership contest that is being forced up on Labour members
  2. Accept the deviation party had to go through during Blair/Brown era.  Present an alternate path
  3. Stand together with Corbyn to unite the Labour party.

All of above will ensure a better prospect for Labour in next election – not a leadership contest.

If a leadership contest is brought on Labour, full consequences of the same will be on the PLP.  It is very clear that Corbyn will win with even more mandate than last time.  The time lost on this futile exercise will only alienate or delay Labour’s re-connect with its disgruntled membership.  Period.


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