EU vote: #2 Working Hours

Not getting much time to read on EU referendum topics, and hence not in a position to do justice on the subject.

A quick update on working hours for the day.

Working hours

From what I understood, it seems that on working hours policy there is not much difference between the UK and Europe, though just on one point, paid annual leave, UK offers a better deal for the workers.  Refer the table for more details.

The working hour rules in UK were obtained independent of EU.   That said, in a EU-free UK – controlled by Tories – it is easy for them to do a Thatcher’s re-enactment of oppression on trade unions and working rights.  Cameron and Jeremy Hunt are already attempting the same on Junior doctor’s ask for decent working hours and corresponding pay.

The advantage of better paid annual leave could be protected only under a stronger presence of Trade Union in the country.

Only from the additional days of paid annual leaves, exiting out of EU seems a better option.

Let us say it’s now 1-1.

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