EU vote: #1 UK contribution to EU and NHS


I am yet to make up my mind on how to vote on 23rd June.

While the heart says a “No” vote will be good for Britain’s long term future, brain points to the uncertainty involved, at least in the short-term.

Over the next coming weeks, the plan is to go through the pros and cons of each topic and reach a decision; my personal decision on how to vote.

OK then; the first item in the list is from “Vote Leave” to vote out and re-allocate UK’s EU contribution to NHS.

I think this is just an eye wash argument of Vote Leave campaign.

After a quick look, it is easy to vote in support of EU, based only on this topic.


Look at the facts on the table:

  • Per BBC, UK’s net contribution (after removing what UK gets back) is approx. £8.39 billion per year.
  • Per NHS website, “for 2015/16, the overall NHS budget was around £116.4 billion. NHS England is managing £101.3 billion of this.”

I agree £8.4b is a lot of money; that’s approx. 9% boost to NHS, if the entire amount is re-allocated (which, will not happen) to NHS.  it could solve a number of current open issues.  Improve front-line services, decrease waiting times, employ more doctors/nurses instead of forcing junior doctors to work long hours; list is endless.

I also agree NHS is close to Britain’s heart and conscience.

That said, even if we re-allocate the entire UK contribution to NHS, it is only a fraction of NHS budget.  Comparing this with the benefits UK receives as investment in UK Research and Developments, I think it is safer to say that being in Europe appears to be have more benefits than a monitory boost to NHS.

So, after the first discussion, it is 1-0 in favour of EU.

What is your opinion?


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