Resgination? or a re-unite with lost conscience?

The major UK political news this weekend was that of the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith from the position of Work and Pensions Secretary. I caught up with The Andrew Marr Show only this evening; it was amusing to see the frustration in face and words of IDS.

No doubt this was a “puzzling” and “disappointing” weekend for the Prime Minister and his Chancellor. Even a hard-core Tory like IDS have realised that this Government, in its desperate search for savings, is marginalising people who are sick and vulnerable.  On one hand, the agents of elite filthy rich heading this Government are cutting tax for the better-off, while on other hand, they are cutting benefits for the disabled people, branding them as people who “don’t vote for us”.

Resigned IDS is no saint. It was he who proposed and voted towards slashing £30 per week from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), along with a number of other high-profile Tories.  It backfired so much, so that MP Kit Malthouse had to resign as patron of Multiple Sclerosis Society; it’s members accused him of not being an “effective patron”, seeing his voting position.

That IDS too has found this budget to be totally unfair and immoral. While it is nice to see that IDS has suddenly re-found his lost conscience, it is high time Cameron and his Chancellor take a pause and analyse how their policies and positions are not only dividing this nation and its people but also their own party, its leaders and supporters.

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