Saturday Thoughts on JNU arrest and Spain’s General


What is the connection between the arrest of JNU’s Student Union President and Spain? Other than both news were on media on the same Friday? I will explain.

First, on the news from JNU.

It is very clear from JNU news that Modi government is using Indira Gandhi’s emergency-era tactics to systematically silence the left and liberal voices who do not agree to his party’s and RSS Hindutva agenda.

What else is the reason for arresting Kanhaiya Kumar, who is an ASIF worker and elected President of JNU Students Union?

Kanhaiya Kumar has clearly stated that he does not support or agree to the extreme ideologies and dissident voices of those mere 10+ students, but went to resolve the dispute between them and ABVP activists – whom he defeated in Student’s Union elections. As the elected president of the university, he has all the rights to pacify a volatile, potentially violent argument in the campus.

Using words like terrorist and anti-national for those with different ideologies other than Hindutva and arresting them under UAPA, and other anti-terrorist laws to silence them shows the coward-ness and inability of BJP and Sangh Parivar to participate in open discussions and justify their viewpoints.

It is ironic that it is Modi’s party and Government that accuses others as terrorists!

It is the same BJP which supports those who admire Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin by building temples in his name and commemorate the day Godse was hanged as “Balidan Diwas”! It is the same party that has alliance in J&K with PDP who advocate for self-rule in Jammu and Kashmir – For argument sake, is this not the same topic the 10+ JNU students had a discussion on?  If their voice cannot be tolerated by BJP, how can they share power in J&K with PDP?!

The arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, charged with sedition, is just another example to the intolerance under Modi Government that is being discussed by intellectuals, Bollywood actors and other independent thinkers in the country. Whether it is the arrest of an elected President of a prestigious college union, or killing of an innocent father for having meat in his fridge are the examples of same intolerance which is being nurtured and cultivated by the Hindutva hooligans who years ago burned Graham Staines and his two sons at tender ages of 10 and 6.

India prides itself in its Unity in Diversity and being the biggest democracy in the world. The beauty of India’s unity and democracy lies in its diversity and the free, independent democratic voice of each and every one of its citizens.

While desperately using Mrs. Gandhi’s emergency-era tactics to suppress and saffronize this unity and democracy, BJP and Modi Government should take some time to read what happened to Indira’s election results just after the end of the emergency. The same people who admiringly made her Prime Minister ruthlessly defeated Mrs.Gandhi in the very next election after emergency; not only she lost power, but also many of her senior leaders and hundreds of thousands of common people deserted Congress.

This brings me nicely to Spain and the very Friday’s BBC magazine article on “Erasing Franco’s memory one street at a time”.

As you can read, no government could suppress the free minds and voice of any country for all the time. Nazis, Mussolini and Gen Francisco Franco learned it in harsh ways. If BJP and Modi continues this intolerant attitude towards the free and independent voice of India, future will see a repeat of history.


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