To my friends in The USA


I am currently in Helsinki and watched this programme today on Finnish main TV channel, YLE TV1 – during prime time.

If you have an interest in current world politics and the Middle-East crisis, I urge you to watch this video; completely.

Even if you don’t care for politics, please watch the video – for yourself.

Believe me, it is an eye-opener.

Not sure whether you ever get to see this perspective, through the eyes of rest of the world.

Timing is apt too.

By end of this year, you will – collectively, consciously – decide the political face and fate of USA; at least for next few years.

The question is: is there a real alternative?

A strong, un-biased leadership, who care for a nation that is helpless and oppressed for generations?

I sincerely hope so.  Because, while writing above line, I was not thinking only about the Palestinians.

I was also thinking of oppression of generations in another great nation.

Deliberately, methodically, oppressed from having freedom of knowledge, and a free mind.

Here is the programme from Finnish TV:

As I said earlier, believe me – it is an eye-opener.




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