Meerut ka Mandir

Achche din aane wale hai
Bhumi pujan has already started.
Just wait a little while, my dear friend.

Rubbles from Ayodhya,
Fire from Manoharpur’s burnt station wagon.
Once reached, kar-sevaks will build the temple in a single day.

Armed with gun and stick,
I’ve heard the deity of peace looks handsome in khakhi and white.
Soon, modern God will be coronated in Meerut.

First aarti is by Kingpin Kodnani,
Followed by Oriya bhajan of “Santh” Dara Singh.
Night ends with light entertainment: “How to demolish a Masjid?”

Hail him, who killed a “Ravan” at point-blank range!
But why, the roar of an innocent smile from Raj Ghat still haunts me?
Is it the burning flesh of Graham Staines that nauseates the air?

Let’s close our senses and brainpower,
Just repeat the mantra of modern Führer.
Achche din aane wale hai….

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