MPs and Expenses – it’s Maria Miller’s turn now



Mistakes are one thing; one need not be ashamed of mistakes that were made unknowingly.  Even though the mistake could cause embarrassment, once aware of it, if the person takes corrective steps, all is back to normal.

But failure to co-operate when committed a mistake?  That too when you are an MP alleged of expenses fraud?  Is Maria Miller’s memory that too feeble?  Surely the MP has not forgotten the expenses row which shook UK politics in not-so-old past?

The cross-party Commons Standards Committee not only ordered Culture secretary Maria Miller to repay £5,800 in what she claimed on mortgage expenses but also accused the minister failed to co-operate during investigation in to her claims.  It further says that the “investigation had been mired in ‘delay and difficulty’, arising from incomplete documentation and fragmentary information.  Mrs Miller has to carry significant responsibility for that.”

What a shame!

Just imagine, what could have been the outcome had it been you or me?  Any ordinary person making same mistake will be at least penalised, but most probably will be fired from their job.

But not a Tory Cabinet Minister!  They have the immunity; they are above moral grounds!

Even her apology shows how ill-mannered this MP from Basingstoke is – her apology to the house is not for her over-claiming of expenses, but only for her “attitude to the commissioner’s inquiries”!

Clearly Mrs. Miller does not think she needs to apologise to her voters as an MP and to her country as Culture Secretary.

It is a shame to UK’s Government that Maria Miller continues to be it’s cabinet.

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