Changes in UK Politics


Last week we heard two individual newsflashes on political separations; both show twists and turns in current UK politics.

First news is Sarah Teather’s decision not to stand for Parliament in next election as a Lib Dem MP.   In her statement, the MP mentioned her disagreement with both the Government and her party’s official lines on two main policies – welfare and immigration.

If each Lib Dem MP is as honest as the one from Brent Central, this will be first in a number of “MP stand downs” from Lib Democrats, which has lost its political image and public respect.  Prior to 2010 election, the party had 22% support; per recent Observer/Opinion politics poll, they now have just 7% – even below UKIP which claims 17%.

Reasons for this fall are well known; having a not-so-popular leader is one of them.

Anyways, I was more interested by the second separation news – the separation between trade unions and New Labour.

GMB (Britain’s General Trade union in Public Services arena) announced that it will cut New Labour affiliation funds from current £1.2M to £150,000 – a drop of almost 90%.  It will not be a surprise if most of rest of the unions follow GMB, post-TUC conference at Bournemouth scheduled from 8th till 11th Sept 2013.

Does GMB’s decision proclaim the much awaited separation between trade unions and New Labour?  For the sake of working class and those who follow socialist views, let us hope so.

More on troubled relationship between Trade Unions and New Labour in next blog…

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