48 hours Strike by Indian Workers

Today, India is going through the second day of a 48-hour strike. The strike is organized by 11 Central Trade Unions who belong to various political parties. Among others, INTUC – trade union wing of ruling Congress Party, too support this strike. Per latest news, 10 crore (100 million) workers are participating in this historic strike.

Concrete measures to contain price rise, amendment of Minimum Wages Act to ensure universal coverage and pension for all are some items in worker’s 10 point charter of demand.

One of my friends asked a question in Facebook – “Do you support the Trade union strike?”

Yes, I do; but why? The answer is in few comments I just read in today’s newspaper:

“For a daily wage earning porter, 2 days loss of work is extremely tough on family, but even after working 7 days a week, it is hard to live a decent life. With sky-rocketing price hikes and ridiculous National Minimum Wage which is ignored, life in India was never this hard. This strike is to awaken a Government which is sleeping with the rich and MNCs, and if it needs a 5-day strike, will happily join that too.”

Strong-minded decision, taken with a very clear viewpoint – and I support it.

No worker would like to loss her/his 2 days wages; still they are on strike for their demands. But why does the businesses oppose the strike? Purely, because it is their profits in crores that will be affected. What is wrong in asking for strict implementation of National Minimum Wages Act? Who does not want a control on price hikes? Does pension for all old aged people too big a demand? It is for these demands the workers are striking for…. A fraction of corrupt money during this Govt’s rule (read 2G / CWG / copter scams) could easily solve a lot of these just demands.


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