Couple of good days….

After a busy office day, for some reason I feel happy towards end of this day.

While thinking why, I realise that the feeling is not just for this day, but for last couple of days. 


To start with, BBC website declares that “Commons back gay marriage bill”.  Even though it splits the Conservatives right through the middle, the bill passed with a good majority.  Good news indeed.  Right to love and marriage should not be limited only to heterosexual couples; gay/lesbian couples too have equal right to express and celebrate their love for each other.

It was only yesterday we heard Malala Yousafzai is feeling “better and all right” in her own words; yet another reason to be happy about.  A 15 year old girl’s day-to-day life is just not meant to be lost in operation theatres and hospital beds.  Despite this, Malala’s sparkling eyes, her enthusiasm and vision for future gives an assurance that all is not lost – not yet – for Pakistan.  Hope, aspirations and yearning for a better tomorrow could be heard loudly and clearly in Malala’s voice – not only her’s, but of an entire nation’s.

There are reasons to be happy on personal front too….

Sunila cleared a test, Saumya started eating better; she also reads books very nicely these days.  It gives me so much pleasure just to listen how Saumya blend words – a technique I was not familiar when I started reading.  Sneha is – well, as happy as always 🙂  A long-awaited trip to Kerala is now scheduled; soon will meet parents, family members, good old friends and relatives.  Nicer times are in store for near future to be happy about.

I re-started gym and badminton few weeks ago and lost 7 kilos during the process; another reason to feel happy 🙂

Last but not least, this post resumes what I stopped almost 2 months ago – writing.  It too gives me happiness.  A good friend after reading my blogs enquired whether I write diary regularly; I don’t.  Though, I feel my blogs could be a reflection of my daily thoughts and actions. 

So hopefully, more posts to follow in coming days…

All in all, couple of good days…

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