Can Obama do it?

20 kids and 7 adults more to the gun-victim tally has prompted the US President to think hard towards reinstating an assault weapons ban which ended years ago in 2004.  Good to know; but why has it come out from his spokesman, Jay Carney, and not directly from the President himself?

Mr Carney said the president is “actively supportive” of a senator’s plan to introduce a bill on this regard.  It is for sure that the bill will be challenged at great lengths – both by the weapon manufactures themselves, and their lobby-groups inside the Congress.

It is only a few months ago when UK lost two unarmed young female police officers – Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone – to gun crime in Greater Manchester.  Even through there were demands to arm police on streets, UK police force and Government decided that public will feel alienated by gun-carrying police officers.  They concluded that an unarmed police officer will be more welcomed and felt approachable by the public.

Compare this stand by UK Police with the current guns situation in US!

If I remember correctly, it was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who said below words yesterday:

Gun violence takes the lives of 34 Americans every single day. That means that during President Obama’s next four-year term, some 48,000 Americans will be killed with guns. That’s roughly the number of Americans that died in the Vietnam War.

Shocking statistics, indeed.  Let us hope the new Congress will work together and achieve success in controlling the gun violence in US.  The times and recent incidents demand the same.