World this Week….

I am catching up with news after few days.  While it is easy to blame busy work week, unavailability of free Internet (coupled with bad mobile network) at Cambridge Holiday Inn did not help either.

So much happened in just one week!

Abduction (possible murder now) of April Jones is indeed disturbing.  To kidnap and kill a 5 year old show how low individuals can sink to; harshest sentences should be in store for criminals of these nature.  Only positive outcome of this sad story is the unity and willingness shown by the society.  It is reported that people came down to Machynlleth even from Manchester to do whatever they could do to help find April.  I still somehow hope they will find April alive, safe and healthy.

Abu Hamza and his mates have lost their last case and are now on their way to US while writing this post.  In few hours they will be rolled in to the US prison and judicial system.  It is curious to read that the extradition case(s) dragged on for almost 14 years.  To me, it is wasted 14 years – for both sides.  The extradition should’ve happened years ago.  Even for Abu Hamza, he might have finished his sentence by this time, had he been convicted 14 years ago?!  [To be clear, I don’t imply Hamza will be found guilty; let law take its course!]

High Court ruling on Mau Mau torture is very welcome news.  The three Kenyans who pursue a case, acknowledgement of their suffering and possible compensation can now proceed with their next steps.  The story is significant not only for Mau Mau Kenyan victims of imperial England.  Colony rule of previous centuries have many victims across the globe; mainly in Asia and Africa but not limited to Americas either.  It is for sure that this High Court judgment will prompt many others to seek justice on similar cases.

In this week the world lost one of its best Marxist historian, writer and philosopher – Eric Hobsbawm.  A strong supporter of Marxist ideologies, Prof. Hobsbawm was born in the year of Russian revolution and died at the age of 95.  Let me end this post with a quote from his book, “How to Change the World – Tales of Marx and Marxism

We cannot foresee the solutions of the problems facing the world in the twenty-first century, but if they are to have a chance of success they must ask Marx’s questions, even if they do not wish to accept his various disciples’ answers” –  Prof. Hobsbawm


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