Kenya School Attack… and a query on BBC English

“Deadly Kenya Grenade Attack Hits Children in Church” and “Deadly Kenya Sunday School Attack” were the main news on BBC World Internet site for 30th September.  This is a suspected revenge attack by Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist militant group over Kenya’s role in the UN-backed intervention force.

It is sad and regrettable that kids are targeted for political revenge.  Whatever be the reasons, only sadistic individuals could attack kids in order to gain political and/or religious advantage.

Now, give a second reading to the news heading – “deadly Kenya”?  Surely, it should be “deadly attack”?!

Don’t call me pedantic, I am disappointed by the real news, but I expect better English from Beeb aunty.  During school days I was advised to read and listen to BBC to improve my English; even these days, it is the same advice given to millions of students across the world to have a better command on the language.  Hence is it too much to expect correct usage of English from BBC?  Surely Aunty should know the best?!


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