Next round of “Iran” bashing

We are witnessing yet another round of bullying by Israel and western nations against Iran’s nuclear programme.  This time the venue is annual meeting of the UN assembly.  Both Obama and Netanyahu have repeatedly expressed their threats in no uncertain terms – Iran can face an attack any time in very near future, probably in few months itself.

Have no doubts; I am totally against nuclear weapons as mentioned in number of previous posts.  I also doubt whether the world should use nuclear power even for peaceful operations, after witnessing Chernobyl and Fukushima tragedies.

That said, what rights does USA and Israel have to threaten Iran on their nuclear programme?  Both USA and Israel have nuclear weapons in their storage.  [Even though Israel has not declared openly, it is a known secret that they own nuclear weapons].  Surely as a sovereign country, Iran too has the rights for peaceful nuclear operations?  We could understand and agree if a non-nuclear country protest against Iran’s nuclear interests.  But USA and Israel?!

Time after time Iran has categorically stated that their nuclear programme is towards peaceful operations.  Why should we disbelieve this?  If only we should dis-believe someone, then better candidates are US and its allies – who attacked Iraq by lying to world that Saddam Hussein had nuclear and other “weapons of mass destruction”.

I do not think Iran is that foolish enough to believe that they can use nuclear arms against any country and still survive as a country without any harm.

Arguments that terrorist organisations could get hold of Iran’s nuclear installations, too does not hold good enough.  This argument could be used against any nuclear active country, including Pakistan, India or even Russia.

USA has no moral rights to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Were in this whole world was the first nuclear weapon designed? Which country made the first nuclear weapon? Who used it first against another nation, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Who still has the largest collection of nuclear weapons? Answer to all above questions is – US of A!

Each of the crimes attributed against Iran on nuclear front – design, development and “possible” deployment of nuclear arms – was first committed by none other than USA!

Even if we agree for argument sake that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, what is so “never-ever-before” heinous approach in that motive? Is this item only in agenda of Iran? How many other countries already have nuclear weapons in their kitty?

Let me say again…. I do not support nuclear weapons. My strong viewpoint is that the world should get rid of all of its nuclear weapons.  But it should be done in a phased manner, with the country with largest collection shedding them first. And not by threatening other nations.


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