Andrew Mitchell vs. “plebs” at Downing Street

Thanks to Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell incident, I had to look in to dictionary to re-confirm the correct meaning of plebs; and am unpleasantly surprised that the meaning is what I initially thought.

BBC reports that the Tory Chief Whip was angry and shouted insults at police officers because he was told to get off his bicycle while peddling out of Downing Street.

What else could a Tory millionaire MP call “common” police workforce, who does the mundane job of securing the streets?  From Mitchell’s viewpoint, a policeman’s job might not be important – even though 2 police personnel were murdered just a few days ago while on duty.

I am not shocked by this behavior of a Tory senior.  Whether words, behaviour or actions, it falls perfectly in line with Conservative Party and it’s Government’s attitude towards the common people in this country.  I feel sorry for the Government we have, which includes

  • a PM who had 26 meetings in first 15 months with phone hacking media barons
  • Liar for Dep. PM who gives no respect to his manifesto and voters sentiments
  • a “110%” economic-illiterate Chancellor who push UK deeper in to recession
  • and now, this foul-mouthed Chief Whip.

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