The Danger Americans (and world) walking in to…

A secret video clip on Mitt Romney shows him uttering “Palestinians are committed to Israel’s destruction”.  Del boy’s quotes came in to my mind – “What a plonker!”

How the Republicans selected this guy as their Presidential candidate?  Not only is he ignorant of history and politics of world/Middle-East, this man is mouthing gibberish which a local political candidate dare not make.

A few insensitive/foolish words could cause havoc in day-to-day life of ordinary people.  What happens if President of the powerful country in the world utters nonsense?  Result in one simple word is – disaster.

Hope highly educated US voters will realise the danger they are walking in to, if they elect this politically suicidal candidate.  If elected, Romney will not only waste 5 years of US presidentship, but also will be a disaster for world politics and international diplomacy.  For once, the future of world politics is truly in hands of US voters!


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