Royal Photo Scandal

International newspapers have published naked photographs of British Royal family members on two separate occasions in recent weeks.  The monarchy showed its displeasure over the “publicity”; UK media decided not to print the photos to spare embarrassment for the royals.

I fully agree with decision of UK newspapers; newspapers are for news, and should not waste space by printing naked celebrity photos; there are various other publications “specialised” in this area.

That said, are there any merits in “royal” displeasure?   Sadly, no; they have no one else, but themselves to blame.

Duchess of Cambridge assumed she was in a private secluded place with husband during their holidays in France.  But the simple point that somebody was able to photograph shows that they were in open and not-so-private place.  This incident could have been more sinister, and hence a warning for the royal security personnel too.  If a photographer could catch the royals in camera lens, a sniper too could see them through a telescopic lens.

While one feels sympathy for Kate for the published photos, Prince Harry does not even deserve this sympathy.  Prince of Wales was photographed naked in Vegas hotel room playing strip billiards!  It was shameful of Harry to behave in such a disgusting manner; disgraceful act even for a common man, let alone for the prince of world’s most famous monarchy.  This is not the first time Harry is in newspaper for wrong reasons; he was photographed drunk in nazi uniform in an orgy not so long ago.

If Buckingham palace is really shocked by naked photos of young people, what is its opinion on page3 topless photos in some newspapers?  Is the monarchy not at top of the hierarchy to ban these topless photos being printed on a daily basis in UK newspapers?  Or do they think a common subject’s nakedness in media do not count?

We frequently hear debates on whether monarchy is essential in modern democracy.  But if one exits, its members should understand their perceived value in society and try to match their conduct to justify the value.

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