Attack on Iran – possible reason for Nick Harvey sacking?

News have emerged in Daily Mail that Nick Harvey, former Lib Dem Defense Minister might have been sacked due to his views against an attack on Iran.  Daily Mail claimed Nick Harvey of saying he was “fired by Nick Clegg to allow Deputy Prime Minister to sign Britain up to an Israeli – US attack on Iran’s nuclear installations”.

If this news is true, we could undoubtedly assume that the Cameron Government has not learned anything from history of past 2 decades.  Wherever US and its allies have intervened in recent times, they have made a mess out of each situation, whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya.  Each intervention resulted taking Middle East one further step closer to deeper instability in the region in specific, and world in general.

As posted once earlier, what is Iran’s crime? That they want to go ahead with nuclear programme? Is nuclear programme a privilege available only to the developed, western countries? Iran has already confirmed several times that their nuclear programmes are only for peaceful operations in the country. They even welcomed UN to inspect their nuclear sites.

Even if we agree for argument sake that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, what is so “never-ever-before” heinous approach in that motive? Is this item only in agenda of Iran? How many other countries already have nuclear weapons in their kitty?

Have no doubt. I do not support nuclear weapons. My strong viewpoint is that the world should get rid of all of its nuclear weapons.  But it should be done in a phased manner, with the country with largest collection shedding them first. And not by threatening other nations.


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