Save the Children appeal vs. Minister without Portfolio

Among the news of cabinet UK re-shuffles, it looks like an important appeal has received less focus. The charity Save the Children has launched its appeal to help UK children.

Per Save the Children, poorest children in UK are missing out on regular hot meals and have urged the government to focus on benefits of low-paid families. It has also appealed to government to ask employers to pay a living wage.

What does this appeal mean? It clearly means that there are a number of families in UK whose wage earners do not get paid a living wage. That means there are parents in UK who even after working long hours cannot afford to provide a decent meal to kids.

Does this Government and MPs have time and patience to take notice of this appeal from Save the Children? Or are they still busy playing games “passing the ministry” and “musical ministry chair” – and in their own words, “change in face, but no change in policy”. Does this mean, the ConDem Government will continue their policy of ignoring middle class, workers and the poor in this country?

Just look at some of the cabinet seats given importance by Government and media – transport, International Development, and of course the most outrageous one – Minister “Without Portfolio”! And the one who adorns the seat declared “It’s a privilege”.

Of course, it is , Ken Clarke! Kids don’t have food to eat, but you have the privilege of sitting in Government, without doing anything. Thank good-for-nothing Cameron, and his honest pet Clegg!

In a country where poor kids do not often get a hot meal, we have a cabinet seat for a Minister “without Portfolio”! This shows the (lack of) importance given by shameless ConDem Government on eradication of child poverty.


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