The case is presented by archbishop Tutu – Is the world strong enough to act?

“Take Blair and Bush to ICC in The Hague” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said in an interview that Tony Blair and George W Bush should be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague over the Iraq war.

Very well said, Archbishop Tutu. That is the sentiments of international community as well. Liars who lied to their countries and orchestrated war against a sovereign country should face their trial at ICC.

By saying this, the international community is not saying Saddam Hussein is perfect; nor is it diminishing the atrocities of Saddam Hussein. But lying, Bush and Blair took two powerful countries of the world to war. The war which resulted in thousands of lives on both sides – including children, women and elderly; it is a very serious punishable criminal act. And Bush and Blair have committed this crime.

If arrangement are being done to take Saif-al-Islam – son of Gaddafi – to ICC, then his case should be started only after completion of trial of above said warmongers. Saif’s crimes are not more serious than that of Bush and Blair.

In reply, Blair has timidly replied what he uttered in past years – that Saddam was a true and murderous leader. No one is arguing on that, B-liar. That discussion is past. Currently we discuss about the LIES YOU TOLD TO THIS COUNTRY. WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSE TO THAT?

Let me say again, very well said, Archbishop Tutu! You have now presented the case formally. It is for the international community, UN and ICC to take next step from here onwards. Let us hope the world is strong and mature enough to continue with the case brought up by the Archbishop.

One query – can this not be brought in as a motion at ICC or The UN by Iraq or any other country for that matter?

A trial of Bush and Blair will not only re-install the faith on international judiciary, but it will also give re-assurance to the east and middle-east countries that if any western country and its leader target them without any morals, the culprits will be brought to justice.

Trial of Bush and Blair could well enough be the first step towards establishing a permanent cease-fire and start of peace negotiations in middle east – which the world desperately needs at this juncture of human history.

If an impartial trial can be assured by ICC, then two prison rooms will get their occupants very soon indeed.

Thanks again for opening this opportunity, Archbishop! Bush, Blair, see you at The Hague!!

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