Save Our Hospitals!

We were at Southall yesterday afternoon for one of our frequent family trips – mainly to have Indian food, but also to buy groceries (and Asian clothes shopping, which keeps wife happy – essential for home peace)

Just in front of Southall Post Office, we met the campaigners who were collecting signatures for petition to stop proposed closure of Ealing Hospital. The campaigner who talked to us was a GP who mentioned that she was on streets to protest against the senseless policy to cut short number of hospitals under pretext of austerity.

Just few months ago, we had similar protests and campaigns in Ascot and Bracknell against closure of Heatherwood hospital. Ealing and Heatherwood are not the only ones facing closure; ConDem coalition Government wants to extend this ‘generosity’ to a number of other hospitals.

Just think. Life expectancy, birth rate and population are on its way up, so logically it is time to improve and expand medical facilities and recruit more medical professionals to cope up with the demand. But of course, Cameron Government plans to bring DOWN the number of functioning hospitals and fire medical professionals!

U-turn policy from a U-turn Government!!

Not only is this against common sense but also a violation of rights to have life-saving medical facilities at reachable distance.

Who will be affected by these closures? The direct impact will be on staff, most of whom will face unemployment. Apart from staff, the poor and middle class around the area too will be directly affected. Rich have nothing to worry, their private insurances and 7-start hospitals will service them when convenient, provided enough money is exchanged.

As the GP campaigner mentioned, public don’t have to come to street to protest and campaign to keep the hospitals running; it is for the Government to think and ensure that they act in a sensible way to ensure tax payers have adequate options for approachable medical facilities at reachable distances.

Show your concern! Sign the e-petition !

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