Attack on Indian Independence Celebrations

It was reported by that an event organized by Indian Workers Association (IWA) in Coventry at the Ramgharia Community Centre to celebrate India’s Independence Day was attacked and disrupted by a group, whose main reason for opposition was the possible presence of alcohol and meat at the premises.

The get-together was organized by IWA, which is well-respected by Indian community in the UK. I am not sure whether alcohol was brought at the venue, but even for argument sake if we agree that, the venue was Ramgharia Community Centre and not a Gurdwara? My personal opinion is alcohol should not be brought in to celebrate Indian Independence day. That said, what is the issue in alcohol consumption at a community hall? Surely this was allowed by the Gurdwara committee for years, and they never opposed those who hired the hall for marriages and other meetings and consumed alcohol at the premises?

Coventry Telegraph reported that Coun Ram Lakha (Lab, Binley and Willenhall), and secretary of the IWA, said protesters tore down the British and Indian flags at the centre and ordered  guests to leave, despite assurances that no meat and alcohol would be served.

A website which supports the hooligans reported that  Indian flag was “removed” from the venue, because “many in the Sikh community across the world feel that India has let down the Sikh community and denied it justice and human rights.”

This statement is one of the most blatant lies against India and it’s citizens. It could be said only by those who want to create communal tension and unrest in India; it could be muttered only by those who are ignorant and never had the opportunity to feel India’s pride in “unity in diversity”.  It could only come out of the jealous minds that could not withstand the solidarity and togetherness of Indians, whether they are from North, East, West or South parts of India.

Sikhs are one of the most revered warriors and well-respected community in India. The current Prime Minister of India is from Sikh community, along with a vast number of highly respected politicians, Government officials, sports personalities and scientists. I do not understand how Sikhs are side-lined in India?

Which true Indian / Sikh would allow Indian flag to be humiliated, that too on Independence day? What is the real hidden motive in disturbing Indian independence celebration, which is respected and participated by British politicians themselves? Hundreds of thousands from Sikh community fought and died to win independence for India. At least one should have shown respect for those freedom fighters before humiliating the Indian flag and its independence day.

Indians don’t have to travel far to see and experience an example of failed state which is based on religion; they just have to look to the north-west border.

India operates in a federal way, with people of different caste, creed, culture and religion work together towards the prosperity of the whole country. If Tamilian, Sikh, Bengali, Muslim, Hindu, Rajput and various others who follow different cultures and religion ask of a separate country, what is the point of having a Federal state? How strong will each of these smaller countries be? How much money and energy will these small countries spend on military, science, education and policing? What is the ultimate benefit of having different countries based on religion?

My honest questions are not to provoke anyone’s sentiments – they are valid questions which need proper answers.


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