What happened to Kingsley Burrell?

Have you heard the story of Kingsley Burrell Brown?

Have you heard the story of a family who waited for 15 months for the body to be released from police and bureaucratic red tapes?

No, this story is not from a third world or developing country, nor from China or any other countries who are accused by western media for humanitarian violations.

This story is from United Kingdom.

Kingsley Burrell was detained and taken away by West Midlands Police in March 2011.  Four days later Kingsley Burrell was declared dead in hospital.  Circumstances lead to his death is not released by Police or Mental hospital.  Independent Police Complaints Commission had initiated an investigation soon after the incident; the same is still going on.  Even after 15 months, no report has been submitted.

Kingsley Burrell was detained under the Mental Health Act.  Kadisha Brown-Burrell, sister of Kingsley had said her brother had no history of mental illness.

Mainstream press and media are underplaying this story;  we all know they have a strange relationship based on slavish and subordinate mentality when dealing with people at powerful position (read Police, Government) and Royals (read night affairs of a modern, spoilt Prince).

For recent updates on this case, visit http://www.facebook.com/Justice4Kingsley

I have few questions for Theresa May, who is the Secretary of State for Home Minister and David Cameron, the Prime Minister:

Under their “able” Government,

  • What happened to Kingsley Burrell in police custody?
  • How did he die?
  • Why it took 15 months for the family of Kingsley Burrell to receive his body?
  • When will the IPCC investigation be completed and report submitted?

The whole country is waiting for answers….


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