Tory is always a Tory

After all, a Tory is always a Tory.  What more can we expect from a greedy exploiter, who expects [and demand] workers should work 24/7 with a single agenda to fill the rich man’s bank accounts?

Priti Patel, Chris Skidmore and Kwasi Kwarteng implied British workers are “the worst idlers in the world”.

Does an 8 hour shift look idling to you?  Working in factories and building sites is not like drinking tea in Parliament canteen.  It also does not provide added benefits of duck houses and secondary homes.  It definitely does not include cheating tax payers by claiming money over false accounts.

A worker is the basic building block on the economy.  It is his/her hands that build the nation.  While doing so, if he takes a five minutes rest for a tea, does that look idling to you?

It is easy to blame, brand and accuse others.  What are you lot doing to make this economy better other than accusing hardworking ordinary public of this country?  It’s almost 2.5 years of your Government, and congratulations to you to take UK to an even worse status than when you entered this parliament.  Instead of blaming workers for your inefficiencies, what do you lot do to improve the current sorry status of industries and joblessness?

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