South Africa Shootings

34 miners have been massacred by bullets who were striking at Lonmin’s Marikana platinum mine in South Africa.  Yet another incident which proves that in any part of the world, ruling Governments, police and businesses join unholy alliance when it comes to matters that affect ordinary workers.

Their crime?  The miners were striking for decent wages to take care of their families in return for their time in mines.

Is asking for better wages a crime?  Were they asking for millions in bonuses?  Were they asking for fully paid holidays on luxurious locations?  Just look at videos shared over Internet – do they wear designer clothes, expensive watches and jewellery?

No, sir.  They wore shabby clothes and were just demanding rightful wages.  Demanding true, honest wages, to be able to feed their families and send kids to schools.  The dead are those husbands and fathers who came forward willingly to spend their days and nights deep underground mines so that their families could dare to dream a slightly better future.

Most of the media complains that the workers attempted the first assault.  Attempted attack!  Had anyone else died on these so-called attempted attacks by striking miners on that day? No!  The only causality was of miners, who were attacked first by water cannons, then rubber bullets and finally brought down by real bullets.

While on one side human lives fight for existence, on other side Government and police ensure that those who shout against exploitation are annihilated so that the business could make even bigger profits, even if it means walking over dead bodies.

Whole world should strongly condemn these murders.  South African Government should immediately bring the culprits under justice and severely punish for this dreadful act.  The list of culprits should not only include those who ordered the shootings, but also their hidden masters who pulled strings in background.


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