007, Hague and Home Office Loyalty

Looks like Mr Hague recently started watching Bond movies and is impressed by 007’s disrespect for other countries and their embassies. What else could be the reason for Foreign office threatening Ecuador’s embassy in UK?

Remember, the case against Assange is not rape or murder. He is accused of having unprotected sex which was consensual in first place. Even if Assange is proven guilty (which is not currently the case), is it justifiable to break-in to an embassy and commit an even serious crime, thereby spoiling relationship with another country?

The reason for extradition is clear – US can twist Swedish arms to get Assange further extradited to US – where he could be given death penalty for publishing US military secrets (or in pure English, filthy and dirty games performed against most of rest of the countries in this world)

Hence, the ultimate objective of Cameron Government is not to upheld justice, but just to wag and serve their master, the “mighty US of A”. What else the rulers of 51nd state of USA could do, after all?

Hague / Home Office, one query: have you forgot there are unfinished tasks of extraditing extremists from this country? Or do you imply Assange is more a threat to UK? Or is serving your master the ultimate nirvana?

[…to be contd.]


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