Nick Clegg – the Pathetic

Nick Clegg [pronounced pa-the-tic]
Name given to parliamentarian who is a seat-warmer.
Mostly good-for-nothing material, unless when required to vote for his master’s [read Cameron] shenanigans. Honest and loyal supporter of Conservative programme; can be used as an excellent doormat.
Will change assurance given very efficiently; can produce signed-documents that carry no value [example: no-to-tuition-fees-hike]

Nick Clegg – some honest advice:

  1. Don’t cry like a baby saying conservatives don’t support you. THIS IS POLITICS; have you forgotten that? You did cry a lot during AV referendum as well. HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING from that bad experience? Conservatives are here to help their rich pals; they don’t care about your action plan. It is very nice of you to support by raising your hands (and forcing your MPs to do so as well; PATHETIC, indeed…)
  2. THINK MORE.  Why are you in parliament?  Why did Sheffield Hallam voted for you?  What were your voter’s expectations from you?  Did they vote you to sit and cry and moan in parliament?  Or was the vote to fulfill conservative manifesto?   Think more!  You need to go back to them again for votes!  [Now, that will be a sight!]
  3. Get out of the Government – run if you can, before this nation’s hatred burn you down. As an alternative, sit in opposition benches. At least by that way, you could serve this country a bit better; try to save it from further disintegration / atrocities from this conservative government.

8th August 2012 brings in more bad (sad?) news for Nick Clegg.  How many more this doormat from Sheffield Hallom has to suffer?

Nick Clegg, get out of Government!  You are not required there!  Neither by public, nor by Sheffield Hallom.  Worst, your best friend, the one who called you “the biggest joke” in front of full media, thinks you are still the same.

Shame on you, but you deserve it, you tuition-fee-liar!


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