The “Joke” speaks… OR, rat to desert a sinking ship?

Who says Nick Clegg is not doing anything for this country?

The Court “Joke” is doing his best to amuse his master’s – David Cameron’s – austerity bitten subjects.  The latest “joke” s that he is “open to form a coalition with Labour and Ed Miliband after next election”.

As if there is a shortage of jokes the other side!

Whether Lib Dems woos Labour or vice versa, there is not much difference.  Both are two sides of same opportunistic capitalistic politics.

From a Lib Dem perspective, they have already lost their Labour sympathizers.  By following this “unemployed” Deputy Prime Minister and joining hands with Labour, they will alienate their conservative sympathizers too.  Nick the liar and now in additional role of two-faced opportunist will soon prove to be the disaster Lib Dems will regret for a long time to come.

It is high time that this joke and his master were thrown out of their glass palaces.   It is high time that the Left in the UK join forces to become the strongest voice of this country’s ordinary people.


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