Cameron’s soothing words for the Country – Austerity will last until 2020

Cameron says austerity will last until 2020.

Now, is it a surprise, Mr. Prime Minister? What else can be expected under your “able” rule?

  • No new industries that could offer people jobs and in turn help the economy. What is your agenda? Where is the plan?
  • Unashamed support of financial businesses who backstabbed this country again and again. The last one in this category is from Barclays LIBOR rate scam. Barclays executives hint that Bank of England was aware and even encouraged this practice. What are the steps and how do you plan to control these bloodsucking, cheating, lying bankers?
  • Unholy slavish mentality offered to media barons to benefit from favourable news in media. How come you had time for 26 meetings with Murdoch executives in your first 15 months in Government?
  • What is your Government’s favourite past time? Looks like it is U-turns! I was not aware there were so many!
  • For anything that goes wrong, do nothing but blame old Government. I am not anyway saying Labour were an excellent lot; let’s not get diverted into discussions on internal fighting, WMD, liar’s war calls, bigoted women…
  • How do you justify the Granny Tax while awarding top rate tax cut to the wealthy of this country?

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