Laugh, but feel the pain at same time…

I am suffering from severe back pain for last three days. Forget about walking, even if I talk, it’s killing pain. In this situation too, I had to laugh… laugh that gives me terrible pain.  I tried not to, but failed and laughed again…

I blame Nick Buckles – Chief Executive of G4S for his words “Together we will provide a safe and secure Games.”   I also blame Hugh Robertson.. and David Cameron too…

What a sorry state this Olympics’ security is in!

On one side, agree to pay almost £300M to a private company; that too for taking care of Nation’s security – nay, the security of the world’s best athletes. Then sit and relax; don’t care to follow it up properly. At end when all goes belly up, cry for help from nation’s Army – cry to the same lot who have been already informed that they are a liability and about to be sacked.

Shambolic! Disgraceful!

On top, listen the soothing words from Buckling  Nick -“Together we will provide a safe and secure Games.” How can I not laugh – and not feel pain at same time?!

Why do we have the post for Olympic Minister? What is the primary job of Ministry of Home Affairs / and the post called Ministry for Security?  What is the use of this Government, if it cannot not even take care of the security of world’s proudest Sports event when it happens in this country?  Let us abolish all of above posts/positions, and throne in G4S and other private companies!

Shame on you Hugh Robertson!  Shame on you David Cameron!

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