Good answer!

Good answer to a stupid question. Stupid question raised by a “historian” whose initiative to look for an answer cannot go further than the relish for “rib of beef”.

Here’s the question:

and the answer is here :

If Stalin was the dictator and murderer as bourgeois media proclaim, how come the Russians stood behind him as one and defeated the “mighty” nazis? Remember, it was Stalin’s Red Army that defeated hitler. Hollywood and USA might tell you otherwise – to save the embarrassment that USA could not do much against hitler.  [By the way, the word processor software prompts me to change from nazi to Nazi and hitler to Hitler – is it grammatically correct, or just a software bug?]

During Stalin’s time of constant struggle against the capitalistic world to make Russia a super power, there were not only external nazis/capitalists that Stalin had to fight, but also internal anti-communist forces. These struggles might have cost lives, but one should not blame the WW2 war hero for the same.

Causalities were unfortunate, but were on both sides.

For decades, bourgeois politicians desperately tried to reduce the significance of what USSR – and especially Stalin – did to stop the advance of hitler. The fact that a young Communist state played crucial rule in defeating the mighty nazi hooligans could not be easily digested by the bourgeois arrogance.

While that was the case during those decades, it is even more now. Hence these futile attempts to compare Stalin with hitler.

It is high time the modern world re-read history of Stalin and USSR.  If one do a search on 1930s growth of Soviet Union and look for details on first and second five-year plans, history will educate and remind us that Stalin converted Russia from a poor oppressed peasant country to THE super power nation of his days.  While I am not a member of Stalin Society, here is a good collection of documents on Stalin’s era.


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