Till when will CPB support Labour Party?


Questions to the Communist Party of Britain….

Why does the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) still support Labour Party?  Why does CPB still trust Labour – which has fully embraced the ways of Capitalism – to bring Socialism to UK?  Why is CPB not coming out of the ugly shadows of Labour, which in its recent 13 years of Government has done nothing to advance towards a socialist Britain?

Forget about relating to Marxist/Leninist/Communist ideologies, Labour don’t even support the desperate cries from Trade Unions for their existence support.  It even added suffix “New” to its name – as if to show the ordinary labourer in this country has changed his/her views and now whole-heartedly support capitalistic ideologies.

What in Labour attracts CPB?  It’s “glorious” past?  It might be true that Labour was formed as a federal party with mass trade-union affiliations.  But is it doing anything to support the ordinary workers of this country these days?  Only few months ago, when the trade unions were fighting for their rights, Ed Miliband said again and again, that strikes are wrong (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-13971770).

What a pathetic fall Labour had, and what sort of leaders it is rearing these days!  Current one appears not to know the basics of public speaking and trade union histories.  Previous one called his own party-supporter a bigot (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8649012.stm) for her burning questions.  The one prior took this country to war against Iraq on now-infamous false accusations of “Weapons of Mass Destruction (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8409526.stm).  These days, he charges by minute for his words  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1167682/Blair-worlds-best-paid-speaker-pocketing-364-000-just-hours-work.html ).   Does CPB honestly believe these leaders could bring in Socialism to UK?  I disagree.

By supporting Labour, what is CPB hoping for?  Does CPB really believe that Labour will abandon its capitalistic ways on one fine morning and bring Socialism in?  A smooth piggyback ride to Socialism?  Under leadership of above so-called “leaders”?  Are communists in Britain so naive to believe this “soothing lie”?  Don’t we have fire in our hearts, power in our hands, shouts in our throats and determination in ourselves to demand the rightful shares of hard-working proletarian in this country?

Communists in which part of world follows this waiting game?  Till when should one wait for Godot?  Till when should we give our voice, votes and souls to Labour?

Correct and honest implementation of communism is the real alternative system for a peaceful, prosperous and righteous world; and CPB should be working towards establishing this system.  If it waits for Labour to bring Socialism to Britain in a silver platter, then the only future I can foresee for CPB is that of a boiled frog.

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