Libya – who commits violence against civilians now?

One query on recent developments in Libya….

In last few days, Libyan crisis has done a u-turn. Cease-fire meetings targeted to avoid bloodshed in Bani Walid – area of pro-Gaddafi supporters – failed few days ago. Bani Walid is now under attack from ground and air by anti-Gaddafi National Transitional Council (NTC) and NATO.

NATO role in Libyan conflict is to honour UN Security Council resolution 1973 directive.  The resolution demands “immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians”; the resolution never agreed to attack villages.

I am not a Gaddafi supporter; as said earlier, nor I support his mistakes and atrocities over past few decades.  But, in current scenario, who is committing violence against civilians in Libya?  Is it the almost failed, re-treating army of Gaddafi or the NATO/NTC combination?

What UN Security Council has to say on this?

Dale Farm Families and State’s Obligation towards its Citizens

Dale Farm families have lost last court appeal to prevent eviction from their homes. While nothing stops the Basildon Council from “legally” evicting the families, is that statement true on moral grounds as well?

Main allegation against these families is that they live in a green-belt area, where planning permissions are not granted. They are in the same location at least for last 10 years. They have been provided with water and electricity; their kids go to local schools. One has to go through so many legal and paper formalities to get utility connections; school admissions are not easier as well. If the families were living illegally, how were these facilities/requirements approved in the first place? Surely it is the same Basildon Council that is now trying to throw the community out of their houses indirectly approved their stay earlier?

Are the families happy to stay in temporary conditions?  I am sure given a chance they will be happy to re-locate to a better place – where they could have better facilities, better conditions for children.  One of the high profile supporters of the settlers, Vanessa Redgrave, informed BBC that the families are ready to be re-located. How costly will be this re-location?  Basildon Council is ready to pay £18 million towards possible eviction exercise.  £18 million, to evict poor, vulnerable section of society from their houses! Surely a fraction of this amount could be efficiently used to relocate the entire community to a much better place?

It is a shame that while UK is fighting for human rights in Libya and around world, same is being ignored in its own soil.
Current Government has enough money to spend on investment bankers and their bonuses (remember, the tax payer owns Northern Rock and hence pay the bonuses).  Why is it quiet on Dale Farm issue? Does it not have obligation and responsibility towards its own citizens who are facing “gypsy eviction specialists”? If the old and children are thrown out to the streets in already-winter-conditions of September, what will happen to them?

What is the stand of Labour and LibDems?  Do they too agree to the Conservative Basildon Council?

Or – are we expecting too much from these politicians?  Those small, temporary houses and its occupants may not be that relevant compared to moat maintenance and duck pond modifications of MP mansions.