Libya – another country of continuous battle?

Turmoil in yet another Middle-East country has reached its mostly-expected climax.  Rebel forces with assistance from NATO have reached Tripoli, and have started establishing their authority.  While there are similarities and differences to Afghanistan and Iraq wars, let us sincerely hope Libya will not turn in to yet another country of continuous battle ground.

NATO and its members have a lot to celebrate.  What started as an “honest” action to enforce UN resolution – to “protect civilians” by establishment of “no-fly zone” – has now almost ended with their expected end-result –topple “rough” Government of a “rough” country which does not salute the so-called Western superpowers.

I am not supporting Gaddafi and his anti-democratic rule.  Nor I am supporting his so-called atrocities and mistakes over past few decades.  But who gives NATO, US, France and UK authority to take sides on a civil war?  If the UN resolution is to “protect civilians”, how can that that be achieved by bombing only the pro-Gaddafi areas of Libya?  Even if we agree that the initial protests against Gaddafi a few months ago were “peacefully” demonstrated by “civilians”, how can one justify the AK-47s and anti-tank missiles in hands of “peaceful” demonstrators?

If UK’s Cameron Government can order his police to use “full force of law” against London rioters and tuition-fee ”terrorists”, what would he have done against gun-brandishing “peaceful rebels” ?  If this Con-Dem Government can order its legal system to give 4-years jail sentence to a Facebook-rioter, how would they react to a Libyan-model civil war?  What would you expect from your country’s Government if gun-carrying mob start havoc in your home town?  What worse has Gaddafi done in Benghazi, against those heavy-weaponry carrying rebels?

All of us know that UN is too meek to ask these strong questions to US, UK or NATO.  But why are China, Russia, Japan and India silent?   Why rest of the world is feeling comfort in NATO’s explanations for bombing innocent pro-Gaddafi civilians?

Consciously committed mistake of arming Taliban of Afghanistan in 1970-80s to remove Najibullah Government has yet again been repeated by US and its Western allies – by providing arms and ammunition to Libyan rebels.  The only unknown thing is, when those guns will look for new targets.  Let us hope that it will never happen.  But history does not offer that comfort feeling…

I still look at Libya with cautious optimism – with all the hopes of an eternal optimist, but with complete knowledge that another time-bomb has been set already…..


One thought on “Libya – another country of continuous battle?

  1. Well, Muammar Qaddafi had more than forty years to unite the Libyan Nation behind him but ultimately did not succeed. Now I just hope that whatever form of government that is created by the rebel forces turns out to be an improvement and ultimately provides more freedom and prosperity to the Libyans! Sachiko Timmis in Estonia

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