England riots – thinking aloud…..

To be frank, what happened / currently happening in UK is deplorable. While I agree and understand the anger, frustration and outright helplessness faced by these rioters in their earlier days/weeks/months/years prior to riots, death of Mark Duggan just gave a vent for all these suppressed emotions to fume out. What started as a genuine protest was quickly high jacked into anarchy and outright hooliganism, as a ‘subconscious’ denial against realities of times – cuts, austerity, unemployment and other ‘joys’ of current economical/political climate.

The immediate priority is to control the situation, whether by persuasion, or by sheer police/army force – to reduce / prevent further losses; whether that loss is of business establishments, or of human sufferings, or of homes of working classes in those not-so-rich parts of London and other parts of UK.  We cannot afford any more losses – of any kinds.

Once back to normal, the more important step is to channel those suppressed emotions of riots to the correct political attitude.  This could only be done by those on left side of the political spectrum.

A clear Marxist-Leninist approach could explain what happened  – result of years of parenting of capitalism by past and present social-democratic and bourgeoisie Governments.  Rich was allowed to grow richer and richer at exponential rate, while poorer section of society was pushed deeper and deeper in to poverty and helplessness.

Cuts in NHS, policing and other public domains made matters worse.  Unemployment and poorer (or complete lack of) education accelerated the pace of degradation.    As all Marxist-Leninist of yester years predicted, this is the revolution that will happen at the height of capitalism.  Only difference is, the revolution took the “not-so-correct” way – and hence could not be morally supported by the greater section of society.  Media and Government successfully highlighted the nastier side of this aggression.  Very few have pointed towards the right reasons for this deformed aberration of uprisings.

Again, the difficult and more important work is yet to be started – to politicize and make all aware of the real underlying reasons for these riots.  Once done, no one can stop the resulting revolution.  Not the riots and hooliganism – but of the real awakening of the oppressed proletarians.

It will take some time, though; and of course a lot of hard work.  Hope the political parties on left will join hands and work towards this common goal.

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