Thoughts on Anti-nuclear Weapon’s day…

Another Aug 6th passes by; with it another anniversary of the murder of tens-of-thousands of innocent Japanese citizens by American nuclear bombs.  This is also the anniversary of American announcement on arms supremacy.  Aug 6th could also be marked in calendar as an important milestone in US intentions to expand their empire by the sale of war machines. 

A lot have already been written on this topic.  My thoughts on this day are on the irony of current times.  Fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan borders are using American-made-weapons to attack NATO troops.  Those very weapons the greedy US arms lobby sold to the Afghan rebels to use against the then Najibullah government are now pointed towards NATO and American troops. 

Agenda of US arms lobby and Government it (always) control is really simple:  First manufacture the weapons; then look for buyers.  Profiles of buyers do not matter.  Once the deal is done, give proud owner an opportunity to use it against similar or better US weapons –  by declaring war against their own country!  An intentionally created vicious circle!!

We can see this happening in current Libya crisis.  US, UK and France are providing arms to Libyan rebels to fight against Gaddafi.  It will only be a matter of time these weapons will be re-pointed towards the west.  But of course, that is another opportunity for the US arms lobby to sell again…… The game continues….

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