Do You Agree with CPGB(ML) Party Programme on Immigration?

I am an immigrant to UK and agree that immigration is a requirement for the capitalist to exploit workers from weaker countries to work at lower wages in comparison to local. workers.  That said, it is very difficult to understand the CPGB(ML) party programme statement that calls for “abolition of all border controls, as part of the wider fight to uproot racism from the working-class movement and build unity among workers in Britain, so strengthening the fight for communism.

I agree that immigration is a two-way sword in capitalist hand – on one side they exploit workers with lower wages, while on other side, they spilt workers by playing patriotic/racist card. But it is very difficult to understand how CPGB(ML) can call for abolition of all border controls. I am sure that is not followed in any of existing communist countires. In fact wherever the communists are/were in power, the boarders were more strenghened 😉

Per me in future world, international boarders have no relevance; but that cannot be said for current times. If CPGB-ML comes to power (most unlikely at least for next few years!) can party take decision to abolish boarder control? 99% the answer is No! Given this, how can the party call for something that CPGB-ML itself will not be able to comply theoretically and practically?


2 thoughts on “Do You Agree with CPGB(ML) Party Programme on Immigration?

    1. Strong will power, solid faith on followed ideology and unquestionable determination – these give DPRK (and Cuba and Vietnam) enough strength to stand-up against their capitalistic neighbours and their restrictions and constant military threats; of course, tighter border controls helps. I do not think DPRK needs any additional encouragement….

  1. Its simple really. Under the historical conditions associated with the capitalist mode of production it makes sense to call for no borders. under the conditions that may or may not arise with the victory of the proletarian revolution in GB (and / or other european countries) arises it may (and probably will) be necessary for the proletarian dictatorship to shut up shop. There are NO immutable systems, everthing is determined by specific historical circumstances. simple really 😉

    1. Red Youth, Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that the border control is heavily based on circumstances and ground realities at any given time. That said, I am sure all of us will agree that current times, past few years (and coming few years at least) are not a good time to exercise free border policy; hence the query on CPGB-ML’s call to abolish all border controls.

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